Like all modern vehicles, the 2025 Toyota 4Runner uses a touchscreen to control a laundry list of functions inside the car. But unlike many, it also has big, accessible physical controls—buttons and dials—for the things that really matter. That's because a team led by the 4Runner's Chief Interior Designer Benjamin Jimenez looked past what seems flashy and new today, and instead considered what really matters: What the new 4Runner will be like to use in the long run.
"In our approach, we try to focus on what the user is thinking about and what will work for them," Jimenez told The Drive at the 4Runner's reveal. "Sometimes you have to follow a trend and go where it’s going, because one of the things you want people to think is, 'This is a new product. This is fresh.'"

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2025 Toyota 4Runner Cockpit Actually Has Buttons For Control Of Accessories

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