The NYC Barnacle ticketing device is a cutting-edge tool used by the NYPD for enforcing parking regulations. This device, known for its suction-based immobilization technology, is designed to attach to the windshields of vehicles with unpaid parking fines, effectively blocking the driver's view and preventing the vehicle from being driven. The Barnacle, as it's colloquially called, is a transparent, polycarbonate device that adheres to the windshield with 1,000 pounds of force, ensuring it cannot be easily removed by the violator. Once a fine is paid, the driver is given a code to release the device and return it to a designated drop-off location. This innovative approach to traffic enforcement aims to reduce parking violations and improve the overall flow of traffic in New York City.

What kind of fiend designed this? Are they doing 25-to-life on Terminal Island?

Like they don't have BIGGER problems to address there?


Think Things In NYC CAN'T Get Any WORSE? Check Out THIS Brilliant New TICKETING Device Called the BARNACLE!

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