Drive straight into the water, activate the Emergency Floating Mode, and keep going. Your car will get you to your destination. But remember one thing! Don't try it unless it is a YangWang U9 that you are driving.
A video of the YangWang U9 SUV floating on water as if it were the most natural thing in the world was uploaded on social media. The one filming the scene asks the occupants of the vehicle if they need any help once they are in the middle of the lake.
But they seem fine out there, as the SUV advances slowly through the water. They have the windows rolled down and happily wave to the one standing on the shore. The SUV eventually reaches land and drives off.
As strange as it may seem, it is nothing out of the ordinary for this vehicle. The YangWang U9 that you are looking at is equipped with the Emergency Floating Mode, which prevents sinking for 30 minutes.

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WATCH: Driver Tests His Yang Wang SUV By Trying To Cross A Lake

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