It's being reported that Jaguar is planning on investing further in a partnership with Chinese automaker Chery to utilize its hybrid and battery-electric technology to create models in the near future. The Chinese automotive website 36Kr recently spoke with the head of Chery, Yin Tongyue, who revealed, "There is a high probability that two European luxury brands want to use our platform", with further sources pointing to JLR as the most obvious candidate given the brand's history of cooperation.
JLR and Chery have a partnership that goes back to 2012 when the two companies embarked on a 50/50 joint venture that saw the British brand grab a necessary foothold in the biggest automotive market in the world with models like an extended wheelbase XF. Since then, the two have continued the partnership, and now it's believed an electric SUV from Chery's Exceed automotive brand could underpin a Jaguar product that debuts before the end of the year.

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Jaguar To Solicit Help From Chinese With It's EV Plans

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