Just a few days ago, Tesla issued a stop-sale for the Cybertruck due to an undisclosed problem with its accelerator pedal. That problem may have been illustrated by an owner, who showed on social media how the pedal could get stuck. Now, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is getting involved as an unintended acceleration problem looks increasingly likely.
News of the Cybertruck's stop-sale due to accelerator pedal problems broke over the weekend, along with a video outlining its potential cause. Posted to TikTok, the video shows the that accelerator's trapezoidal cover had come loose, wedging the pedal in an open-throttle position. The owner who filmed it was able to safely stop their vehicle and remove the loose part, but it demonstrated the Cybertruck's potential for unintentional acceleration—which is made all the more alarming by the EV's extreme attributes.

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NHTSA Jumps Into The Middle Of Cybertruck Stop Sale Fiasco

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