The Cybertruck has already been hit by two recalls so far, and Tesla must fix the issues that the NHTSA pointed out. However, the second one, even if it cannot be performed OTA, it can be fixed in just 35 seconds.
Tesla started delivering the Cybertruck on November 30, during a handover event that took place at the Giga Texas. Since then, it delivered 3,260 examples across America. Some even ended up in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, on the used car market despite the automaker's 'no sale' policy during the first year of ownership.
Now all Cybertrucks, the one in Dubai included, have to undergo repairs. The first one was issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at the beginning of February. It targeted, just like this time, all Cybertrucks delivered.

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Tesla Cybertruck Recall Takes Just 35 Seconds To Perform

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