First, it was street lights. Now, it's all about EV charging cables. Thieves or people who simply hold a big grudge against battery-electric cars are actively sabotaging the move to a less polluting way of moving around. That's happening despite the fact that the average US passenger vehicle on the road has never been older. Electrify America isn't going to put up with it.
Everyone kept talking about the type of plug everyone would use. The North American Charging Standard (NACS) unexpectedly defeating the Combined Charging System (CCS) made everyone realize that the EV world was simply not ready for prime time. Despite what some seasoned EV owners might tell you, anyone who buys a non-Tesla EV even today remains an early adopter.
There are two things any prospective EV buyer should consider when picking a battery-electric ride. The first is: how often do long-distance journeys happen? The second is: where can the car be charged when you don't have to be out on the road?

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Electrify America Says It Won't Repair Charging Stations In Bad Neighborhoods

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