Everybody heard that the Cybertruck is built like a tank and can withstand rifle bullets, but people still debate its crashworthiness. Not many Cybertrucks have been involved in a crash, but those showed minimal deformation. However, a recently crashed Cybertruck looks very different.
When people were still skeptical Tesla would ever build the Cybertruck, Elon Musk said that it would not be like other vehicles. He wasn't talking about its shape, which was well-known at the time. Musk was referring to how it will be built, with an exoskeleton instead of an internal structure. However, when the first pictures from the production lines leaked, people noticed that the Cybertruck still had a similar structure to other unibody vehicles.
This made people doubt Musk's exoskeleton claims, especially after industry veteran Sandy Munro confirmed that the Cybertruck is not built with an exoskeleton. However, what Musk meant was that Cybertruck's outer panels would be strong enough to function as structural parts. This reduces the complexity of the doors, usually made of many stamped parts welded or bonded together.

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Cybertruck Pretty Much Totaled By A Compact SUV

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