Ferrari the automaker was born in the 1940s, with Enzo's first-ever Ferrari sporting a naturally aspirated V12. To this very day, the free-breathing V12 defines the Prancing Horse of Maranello. But due to increasingly stringent emission and fuel economy regulations, many enthusiasts wonder if the Italian automaker will turbocharge its roaring V12 by decade's end.
According to product development boss Gianmaria Fulgenzi, the answer is a big fat no. “I’ll try to be polite: V12 turbocharging is not in my mind,” he told British motoring publication Autocar. The chief product development officer says turbochargers are acceptable only when reducing the displacement of an engine, which brings us to the F154.
Launched with a displacement of 3.8 liters in the California T, said twin-turbo V8 was enlarged to 3.9 liters for the 488 series, then to 4.0 liters for the SF90 series. The F154 engine family replaces the naturally aspirated F136, which powered the F430 and California (both 4.3 liters), as well as the crazy beautiful 458 series (4.5 liters). Over at Maserati, said engine was topped by a 4.7-liter variant.

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Ferrari Chief Development Boss Says No To Turbo V12 Models

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