Whoever thought the day would come when we'd be talking about an exciting Hyundai electric crossover? The Ioniq 5 N is just that, and these hot laps of the Nurburgring show it’s a real track weapon despite its heft. It may weigh close to 4,900 pounds but the hot EV is properly fast, provided it’s in the hands of a skilled driver, as is the case here.
Nordschleife "resident" Misha Charoudin took the high-performance electric crossover for a full lap of the challenging track, overtaking dozens of cars in the process. The intense onboard footage shows the YouTuber chasing another Ioniq 5 N. The two cars did back-to-back laps, switching positions during the second run.


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WATCH: A Pair Of Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Drivers School The Rest At Nurburgring

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