Elon Musk offered a new update on the Tesla FSD development, which seems to be progressing faster than expected. FSD V12.4, which targets ten-fold improvements in miles per intervention compared to V12.3, is slated to start internal testing this week. The V12.5 release is expected "in late June" and will include support for the Tesla Cybertruck.
Tesla Full Self-Driving made an important step with the launch of V12.3 and subsequent bug-fix releases. It was when Elon Musk became confident enough to remove the beta label and promote the automated driving software more aggressively. Most Tesla EVs are now eligible for a free FSD trial, which will likely convince more people to subscribe to the FSD software. However, the most important bet will be turning existing vehicles into robotaxis once Tesla FSD is certified for Level-4 autonomous driving.
Currently, the software is not there yet, even though owners report driving hundreds of miles without needing to take control. There's an important distinction between people who tested the FSD earlier and those who recently started using the self-driving software. The former group has followed FSD progress over the years and saw a marked improvement with the V12.3. Newer FSD users, on the other hand, don't know how it was and are less impressed with the current FSD capabilities.

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Elon Musk Claim Cybertruck Will Have FSD This Summer

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