The debut of the first Xiaomi car, officially referred to as the SU7, was a hit, and the Chinese tech behemoth bragged about the solid demand on multiple occasions. The company's CEO went as far as saying that Apple users love Xiaomi's car, as more than half of the people who ordered it own an iPhone.
While these numbers, if accurate, highlight the need for an Apple Car, Xiaomi has other things to be busy with rather than bragging about sales.
The SU7 seems to suffer from early reliability issues, with customers hitting all kinds of problems when taking delivery of their EVs. The latest happened only a few minutes after the buyer picked up the car from the dealership.
A Xiaomi customer named Mr. Wen was one of the early Xiaomi SU7 customers, picking up the car in early May. He went to the Xiaomi Auto Xiamen Xing'an Delivery Center in Fujian Province approximately two weeks ago to get the vehicle.
Minutes later, while he was driving on the highway, the car started throwing fault lights on the screen, advising the driver to pull over. When he stopped it, the car had only 39 kilometers (about 24 miles) on the clock, with a video showing the Xiaomi SU7 on the road shoulder with the hazard lights activated.

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Xiaomi Offer Customer Refund After New SU7 EV Dies Permanetly After Just 24 Miles

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