Even the executives at General Motors will admit that when it comes to the electric vehicle arms race, Chevrolet hasn't really been in the game. 
Its top-selling EV last year, the Chevrolet Bolt, carried the bulk of the entire company's all-electric sales despite being largely unprofitable and discontinued in December. Meanwhile, more modern EVs on GM's new Ultium platform faced quality issues, delays getting to market and repeated customer disappointments.
GM officials have said the bulk of the software and battery issues that plagued its EV lineup in 2023 are behind them. But now, it's bringing new EVs to market at a time when sales aren't as red-hot as they once were. Will new tariffs at least eliminate the immediate threat of Chinese EVs?
That's all supposed to change soon as GM launches its first affordable modern EV, the Chevrolet Equinox EV, which offers up to 319 miles of range and should cost around $35,000 after tax credits. Then an even more affordable LT variant will debut later this year that should push the price tag into the high-$20,000 range after tax credits.

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GM Readies Single Affordable EV And Thinks It Is Ready To Take On The Chinese

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