Ford is putting “everything on the table” to keep up with Tesla and fast-rising Chinese EV makers like BYD. In a new memo, Ford asked suppliers to cut EV costs after its Model e unit continued to bleed billions in Q1.
Like many rivals, Ford introduced significant price reductions to keep up with Tesla’s price cuts. Although the move has helped boost demand, it’s also costly.
For example, after dropping Mustang Mach-E prices 17% earlier this year, volume shot up by 141%.
Ford’s Mustang Mach-E was the second best-selling electric SUV last quarter, behind Tesla’s Model Y, with 9,589 units sold. That’s up 77% over Q1 2023. The F-150 Lightning remained the top-selling electric pickup in the US, with 7,743 models sold (+80% YOY).

Ford's official statement on the effort is:  “We are focused on delivering affordable electric vehicles to our customers and building a profitable EV business. We value our suppliers’ collaboration and asked them to share their ideas for cost reductions.”


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Ford Asks Suppliers To Collaborate On Finding Ways To Cut Costs On EV Parts

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