Revealed in November 2023 as a 2025 model, the new Countryman has been hit with a safety recall. BMW of North America determined that the rear side door panel armrest support bracket may not have been fitted according to specifications by the supplier, namely SMP Deutschland GmbH.
Said armrest support bracket attaches to the door panel by two screws. In the event of a side crash that prompts the deployment of the thorax airbag, the bracket in question may separate from the door panel, which may result in serious injuries to the occupants. Both the left- and right-side brackets are believed to have been attached incorrectly.
Thankfully for the automaker's legal department, BMW of North America isn't aware of any detachments or injuries related to the described concern. Dealers have already been instructed to replace the panel assemblies, while owner notification letters aren't required because none of the recalled vehicles have been retailed.

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2025 Mini Countryman Recalled For Armrests That Break Off During Airbag Deployment

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