Tesla released a new video in an ongoing campaign to convince shareholders to vote for the reinstatement of Elon Musk's compensation package. Tucked between the video's frames, Tesla also hid some pictures of the upcoming driverless vehicle known internally as NV93.

Tesla revisited plans to launch a $25,000 compact EV alongside its robotaxi and is now planning to offer the affordable vehicle as an evolution of its existing Gen-2 architecture. Because the new affordable model will not use Tesla's unboxed manufacturing process, it will not be as cheap as previously announced. The EV maker will use existing production facilities, which means that production efficiency will also suffer.
However, Tesla confirmed that the unboxed process will still be used for a future robotaxi vehicle, which will be based on the Gen-3 architecture. Elon Musk announced that the robotaxi will be unveiled during a special event on August 8, possibly in China. It's unclear whether this robotaxi model will use the unboxed process from the beginning or adopt it later when it matures.


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WATCH: Tesla Teases Robotaxi In Shareholder Video

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