The Mustang is getting a lot of attention these days, as both Hennessey Performance Vehicles and Shelby American are flexing their badass spinoffs from the primordial pony car. The Dark Horse in the stable of the Texas-based tuner has thrown the first punch and showed what it carries on the dyno, while the Super Snake traces its origins in the GT. The good news about the Shelby is that the configurator is up and running.
Shelby American starts with the 2024 Ford Mustang GT optioned with the 401A Premium High Equipment Group and the Performance Package. The Las Vegas speed shop's only three concessions to buyers are body style, color, and transmission. That’s it—no fuss about creature comforts, tire choices, luggage accessories, or whatever else carmakers throw in their build lists (Ford included).

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Shelby Super Snake Starts At $160,000 And You Only Have One Option You Can Choose

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