It's no secret that car enthusiasts the world over are desperately rooting for Hyundai to actually put the N Vision 74 concept into production. With 671 horsepower, a design that out-cyberpunks the Cybertruck, and a unique hydrogen powertrain, the N Vision 74 is one of the coolest what-ifs of the last few years, and fans clearly want it to become a reality. Well, if Korea Economic Daily is right, it will do so in 2026 and pack even more power than the concept promised.
According to this report, Hyundai's hydrogen fuel cell supercar is codenamed N74 and will be a two-door coupe with gullwing doors. "We were notified that the group plans to start mass production of the N74 in June 2026 with a schedule to manufacture only 100 units annually for two years," an official Hyundai supplier reportedly told KED. A different supplier also said, "We aim to complete manufacturing of the components of the N74 by July [2024] and supply them to Hyundai Motor." 

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Report Claims That Hyundai's $370,000 N Vision 74 Supercar Production Is Imminent

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