Hypercar manufacturer Bugatti will continue to build petrol cars for the long-term, with Mate Rimac, CEO of the French brand’s parent company Rimac, suggesting it could even go as far as building synthetic fuel stations at the homes of its super-rich customers. 
Quizzed at the recent FT Future of the Car Summit in London, Rimac declared that petrol engines are here to stay for Bugatti, starting with the Bugatti Chiron replacement being unveiled on 20 June. “I don’t see any reason not to make them beyond 2035, we have developed a completely new engine and we want to use that engine for a while,” he said. “I read the regulations and I don’t see a reason why it would be impossible - the headlines say combustion engined cars will be banned from 2035, but you read the fine print and it doesn’t say that anywhere - you can still build them, but there might be some penalties.”

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Bugatti Promises To Build Personal Fuel Stations For It's Customers

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