Tesla’s shareholder vote next week may just determine whether CEO Elon Musk continues to be inextricably linked to the company, or if he takes his AI ambitions to some other venture. It’s a conundrum mere mortals like us may not completely understand; does the world’s richest man, worth $210 billion as of today need another $56 billion to stay motivated to do his job? According to Tesla board chair Robyn Denholm, the answer is a resounding yes.

This kicks off the Friday edition of Critical Materials, your daily round-up of news and events shaping up the world of electric cars. Also in today’s edition: Republican lawmakers want to ban Chinese battery behemoths CATL and Gotion from shipping to the U.S., and we look at how the threat of cheap Chinese EVs entering the U.S. via Mexico is far from over.

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What Would Happen If Elon Musk Decided To Quit Tesla?

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