Forget the Conservative and Labour parties’ plans to recruit more police officers; Jaguar Land Rover has committed to invest “more than £1 million” into the UK’s police force in order to tackle organised crime.
JLR has come under scrutiny in recent months and years as Land Rover and Range Rover products have been deemed ‘uninsurable’ by some insurance companies. This was due to a rise in keyless car thefts of the firm’s products and despite JLR recalling several models in order to remedy security issues, even JLR’s own insurance scheme won’t cover some customers’ cars.
We reported in February that JLR had already pledged "several hundreds of thousands of pounds" to help police get a grip on the criminal gangs that are succeeding in stealing both Land Rovers and models from other brands, then shipping them out of the country.

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Jaguar Land Rover Commits $1.3 Million To Police To Combat Car Theft In UK

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