Yesterday, a TikToker posted a video of a Rivian R1T that she claims has been stuck in an Arizona ditch for four months. According to user SayWhatWendy, the R1T slid backwards into the ditch in February, due to ice buildup, and it’s been stuck there ever since. However, from what we can see, it doesn’t seem impossible to remove from the ravine, which makes you wonder why it’s been left there so long. There has to be something we don’t know.
Several towing companies have supposedly declined the job to remove the R1T for liability reasons. That seems odd, but it admittedly doesn’t look like the easiest rescue. Not only is the Rivian nearly 7,200 pounds, but it also appears to be beached, with its belly-mounted battery tray resting on sand and rocks. 

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Brand New Rivian R1T Has Been Stuck Off Roading And No One Will Rescue It

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