Did you think only tuners can come up with extravagant projects? Car manufacturers can do the same and sometimes go over the top to ensure that their special builds (concepts) end up on the jaw-dropping side of the automotive world. That said, meet the 2024 Lexus GX Monogram Concept.
As its name implies, it is a study signed by Toyota's premium auto marque and luxury appliance brand Monogram. The one-off Lexus GX Monogram features lots of bespoke amenities, some of which might inspire you to have a quick drink. But don't do that yet, as, unlike the concept in question, you still have to function throughout the day.
You see, the new GX Monogram is a vehicle with a drinking problem. It features wine and bourbon storage courtesy of the cutouts on the exterior side panels. Here, it can store bottles of wine and bourbon, a bottle opener, and glasses for a quick drink. It also has a rear cold drawer, another cold console compartment in the back seat, and a wine and spirits bar.

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Monogram Lexus GX Concept Focuses On Getting Wasted

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