At this year's Stellantis Investor Day, Jeep confirmed that its imminent $25,000 EV will fill the void left by the slow-selling Renegade, but that it will only be the same in name and niche: It will be the Renegade EV and have a similar size to its gas-powered predecessor, but everything else will be new. Jeep says this new electric offering will arrive in 2027 and start below $25,000, but there are some caveats. Among them, Stellantis did not confirm whether this price would include potential tax credits. The conglomerate's chief executive, Carlos Tavares, said that Stellantis will need to produce its own low-cost lithium-iron-phosphate batteries to meet that target, but it still has a few years to get that going. The Renegade replacement wasn't all that was discussed, so let's see what else Jeep is cooking up.

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Jeep Hopes An Affordable EV Is The Ticket To More Sales

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