Elon Musk is betting Tesla on its Optimus program, which he now says will add tens of trillion of dollars to its valuation.
He added that Tesla should have over 1,000 humanoid robots working in its factories next year, but he is delaying a recently shared timeline.

Musk started out Tesla’s shareholder meeting with a rant about how he believes that Tesla will be worth “10x more than the currently most valuable companies”, which are worth about $3 trillion.
He built on previous grandiose statements about believing that Optimus is going to be Tesla’s most important product.

The CEO now added that he sees the market for humanoid robots to be about 1 billion units per year and he believes Tesla should capture “at least 10% of it”.

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Elon Musk Wants 1,000 Humanoid Robots On The Job In 2025

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