Mechanic-turned-YouTuber Scotty Kilmer received a visit from an Audi owner, and he took advantage of the occasion to share a couple of thoughts with his 6.2 million subscribers about the car and the German marque. The title of his video is exaggerated, but the experienced technician makes a couple of good points.
A former BMW owner switched sides and bought a slightly used 2015 Audi A3 Sedan with around 5,000 miles (8,047 kilometers) on the odometer and a DSG automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. He just wanted more room for his small family and a bit extra comfort. Fortunately, he denied being part of the crossover SUV groupies.
His choice makes very much sense. Big families should get minivans that are more practical for everyday use than chonky, raised, overpriced, and a bit compromised hatchbacks that want to be SUVs but get stuck in a very weird car category. But these types of vehicles are popular because of their high driving position and slightly improved ground clearance. Sadly, the tradeoff is comfort, stability, and having enough power.


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