As much as enthusiasts would love a new MR2 and/or a Celica, Toyota can't justify spending the R&D money on what would ultimately be a niche product. It partnered with Subaru for the GR86/BRZ and with BMW for the Supra/Z4 to share development costs and make bean counters happy. The Japanese brand is determined to pump out more sports cars but admits it can't ride solo on this endeavor.
Speaking with Australian media, Gazoo Racing President Tomoya Takahashi said new fun cars are on the radar. However, Toyota has crunched the numbers and the math doesn't work out in its favor. The GR boss told Cars Guide that "the sports car market is shrinking in the future. We cannot maintain sports cars as one brand, Toyota. Collaboration between brands will increase in the future."

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Toyota Says There Is A Need To Protect Enthusiasts With More Exciting Cars

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