If you're into movies, you might have heard something about a new Formula 1 movie in the works a while back. And not just any movie, but a star-studded one written, produced, and directed by the movie industry's greats.
It's been two years since we first learned about the movie. We heard back then it was to star Brad Pitt playing a retired racing driver who is forced back on the track to compete, aided by a rookie, against Formula 1's greatest. We don't know who is forcing the man to do that, or why.
In the time that has passed since that first announcement we didn't learn much else about the movie itself. The thing doesn't even have a title at the time of writing, and there is no trailer that could shed some light into what to expect.
But despite this, the studio behind the movie, Apple Original Films, announced this week that the flick will be in cinemas worldwide on June 25 and in America on June 27, and with these dates came a few more interesting details about it.

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Brad Pitt's Formula 1 Movie To Be In Theaters For 4th Of July

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