As you might have already heard, Audi will slowly but steadily introduce battery-electric vehicles with even model numbers. To this effect, the current A6 will be replaced by the A6 e-tron. That, however, doesn't mean that the internal combustion-engined A6 series will be discontinued. On the contrary, the Volkswagen Group-owned automaker has been recently spied testing the S6 Avant's heir apparent.
Dubbed S7 Avant, the hi-po wagon slots between the A7 Avant and the RS 7 Avant. Pictured with camouflage on every single body panel and the rear windows, the newcomer also features a handful of high-voltage stickers that indicate a level of electrification for the internal combustion engine.

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Audi S7 Avant Spied Testing Sporting High Voltage Stickers

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