Tesla has promoted the Cybertruck as a tough, "Apocalypse-ready" pickup truck, thanks to its bulletproof exoskeleton and "armor glass" windows. However, it appears that the Cybertruck has a weak spot, and that is its massive windshield. Many owners reported that the Cybertruck's windshield cracks easily when pressed or hit by moderate objects.
Tesla arguably produces the best glass in the automotive industry. The glass roof on Tesla vehicles is renowned for withstanding huge forces. This makes them very safe in rollover crashes and rare cases when trees or other large objects fall on the roof. With the Cybertruck, Tesla went even further and developed what Elon Musk called "Armor Glass." This ultra-strong glass features layers of polymer composite "to absorb and redirect the impact force for improved performance and damage tolerance," as Tesla advertises.

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Tesla's Cybertruck Might Be Bullet Proof But The Windshield Is Another Matter

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