It’s not every day that a truly ‘all-new’ Bugatti is introduced. The brand has consistently been a pioneer in the hypercar space and the new Bugatti Tourbillon is no different to the Veyron and Chiron in that it represents a huge leap forward for this most exotic of automotive genres, in pretty much every department. 
Once again this is a car defined by numbers, but the means by which they are achieved is very different to before, and arguably even more impressive. Gone is the W16 engine, but Bugatti has never been disposed to downsizing and that venerable unit is replaced by an all-new, naturally aspirated V16. For good measure, it’s assisted by a sizeable hybrid module made up of three electric motors and a 25kWh battery pack. Peak combined power is a dizzying 1,774bhp, with Bugatti confirming the Tourbillon will also come with a 37-mile electric range.

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Bugatti Resets The Hypercar Market With The V16 Powered 1,774 HP Tourbillon

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