You don't land one of the biggest movie stars in the world (and successful producer in his own right) and not use his name and face to get even more interest in your highly-specialized movie. That's why the first teaser trailer for the upcoming F1 trailer is very Brad Pitt-centric, perhaps to the frustration of passionate F1 fans.
For the past couple of years, we've been hearing, reading, and seeing a lot of stories and leaked footage from the mysterious "Brad Pitt Formula One movie." It was so mysterious that, until last weekend, it didn't even have a proper official name, though reports online claimed it would go by Apex, because of the fictional Apex GP team that Brad Pitt takes over in the film.
Now officially called F1 but still shooting at real Formula 1 events across the world, the film also gets a full teaser trailer. F1 screened it at Silverstone GP, just hours after the title became official, and Warner Bros. released it worldwide across all platforms a few hours later. You will find it available below.


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