Tesla's new Model 3 Performance can be the ultimate family car for people who need one ride to do it all with minimum costs, except going off-road. Unfortunately, it isn't the track weapon some would have you believe. No matter the host of upgrades, it seems that the high-performance version of the sedan can't become a problem for the BMW M3, a somewhat similarly shaped sedan with completely different underpinnings and internals.
Still, many Tesla fans can't help themselves and compare the Highland refresh with the Bavarian model, even though the automaker has not put out an i3 yet (apart from the one that exists in China). But I guess, that's what happens when Audi and Mercedes-Benz drop the ball. Internal combustion engine-powered high-performance sports cars get compared to battery-powered ones that aspire to be just as dynamic.
But let's see what's what before deciding that the Model 3 Performance is a failure and not worthy of your hard-earned money.


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WATCH: EuroSpec Tesla Model 3 Performance Takes To The Track And Can't Handle It

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