After six months of ownership, Out Of Spec's Francie says she likes her VinFast VF8. Then, as the 39-minute video goes on, she describes a litany of issues with the car, some of which are serious. Yet its feature set is good, it's comfortable enough and hasn't left her stranded, so her review is pretty positive. It's a good reminder that, for most people, a car doesn't have to be the most competitive or flawless vehicle to be satisfying to own.
I'm surprised at the positive tenor of the video, as I was one of the first journalists to drive the VF8 during my Road & Track days. The car's poor ride and indefensible body control made me carsick on our short loop. Its suspension wasn't properly aligned, pulling hard left on the highway. And the software was buggy, unfinished and ugly. Based on this new owner review from Out Of Spec—one of our favorite EV channels, which leased the car for a long-term test—Vinfast has made some improvements to the VF8, and the car isn't as much of a basket case as I'd have expected. But there are still plenty of issues. 


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WATCH: Vinfast VF8 Owner Review Isn't As Bad As Everyone Thought It Would Be

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