Bugatti is faced with a dilemma – where to find a track suited for test-driving the W16 Mistral roadster before the car enters production? At face value, the question shouldn’t even exist – after all, why can’t the carmaker take their prototype at the same track where the Chiron broke the 300-mph barrier? Well, the question is not ‘where,’ but ‘when,’ as in ‘when is the circuit available for testing?’
Bugatti’s W16 Mistral ultimate roadster – the first one in nine years, following the open-top Veyron – is gearing up for production (slated for ‘later this year,’ to cite the company) with a final set of road tests. The prototype used to measure the hypercar’s performance and behavior in everyday driving conditions has already covered around 20,000 miles (32,000 km).

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Bugatti Urgently Looking For A Track To Test $5.4 Million 260 MPH W16 Mistral Roadster

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