Adding to its arsenal of low-cost electric cars, BYD launched its updated 2025 Dolphin EV on Monday. The new Dolphin starts at the same $13,700 (RMB 99,800) price, but with a bigger battery, the updated model boasts a longer driving range.
The 2025 model comes just six months after BYD launched the new Dolphin EV Glory edition. BYD’s new Dolphin was revealed as part of its strategy to squeeze ICE cars out of the market with lower-priced EVs.
BYD offers the 2025 “Renewal” model in four trims: Vitality, Free, Fashion, and Knight. Despite the added range and features, prices for the new model remain unchanged.

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BYD Updates $14,000 2025 Dolphin EV With More Range At Same Price

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