While I was cruising the high rent Santana Row in San Jose yesterday afternoon, I stumbled upon Rapper Ludacris and his buds chillin' at one of the local hangouts.

We started talking cars and I mentioned that I was testing the new Cadillac CTS and he mentioned he was a big fan of Caddie's.

He was a pretty cool guy and was really friendly.

Nice to see in this age of overblown stars.

Guess he lives up to his lyrics...

Lord, please forgive me for the mistakes I've made And thanks for keepin my momma safe when she wrecked my Escalade

See I could replace a Cadillac but I can't replace my momma I'm sorry for the hip-hop beefs, we sorry for the drama

But you gotta understand us rappers ain't never had nothin And one's loss is another's gain so we gotta grab somethin


001 catches Caddy fan Rapper Ludacris hangin' in San Jose

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