The Infiniti G37 coupe offers a 330HP VQ37VHR engine, but it's 200 lbs more than the sedan and thus it essentially offers no advantage in performance. Is the 2009 G37 sedan just around the corner? Car and Driver seems to think so, "a G37 sedan, rumored for release in ’09 with 330 horsepower—a full 100 more than the 328i, and for less money—could make a compelling case."

With as much horsepower as the coupe and 200 less pounds to carry around, a G37 sedan could make a compelling case for itself, especially against it's quicker main rival, the BMW 335i. Bonus's would be, quicker throttle response, smoother operation, and better fuel economy as well with the VVEL system.

Is the Infiniti G37 Sedan coming for 2009?

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