Let's face it, this whole thing started because of the fact that I watched too many James Bond, Man From UNCLE, Avengers, Saint, Secret Agent Man, Batman, Mission Impossible, etc. movies and episodes as a kid.

I was TOTALLY delusional and lost in the idea of BECOMING a '00' or a Superhero and anyone who knows me even today, knows somewhere recessed in my mind I will someday pull it off...

And I believe deep inside the minds of all real men, is the same fantasy.

But for now, we can still only dream and channel out the Sean Connery in all of us by escaping into the movies.

So here's the trailer of the upcoming Bond movie 'Quantum of Solace' with Daniel Craig.

I GOTTA get me one of those Aston's!!!!!!


p.s. Gotta land a Bond Girl too!

VIDEO: EVERY Auto Spy WISHES They Were BOND And Had His Cars!

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