SPECIAL 4TH OF JULY HOLIDAY ISSUE. SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL THOSE WHO HELP KEEP OUR COUNTRY FREE...PAST AND PRESENT! Previously the only pictures of the upcoming Porsche 911 Turbo (in light camouflage) came from the Nurburgring, but as the (estimated) 460-horsepower sportscar is getting closer to production – we’re thrilled to have caught it here in the United States!

We can’t tell you were we snapped these pictures as we like to keep our shooting locations as secret as can be, but we can tell you that speeds were in excess of the posted limit and that law enforcement officials got involved after a citizen’s complaint and gave stern warnings to each and every driver. Next time, we hear, they won’t be nearly as lenient.

We’re expecting the 911 Turbo to go on sale in Europe next spring, followed shortly afterwards with sales in North America. The top speed is expected to surpass the current 191mph, and the 911 Turbo will be offered with a new four-wheel drive system.

Just a tip to those Porsche engineers: Keep your radar detectors handy and watch out for those bicyclists (wink).

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