The guys over at CAR Magazine have driven the S4. Have no doubt, the car is clearly superior dynamically to the preceeding V8 model. The better weight distribution and balance is due in part to the smaller supercharged V6 engine instead of the porky naturally aspirated V8 used in the B7 version. Although the horsepower maybe down 11 on the V8, the torque is up by 22 lb/ft. An extremely important note is that the fuel economy is vastly improved by 27% over the V8.

The S-tronic DSG allows shifts to occur rapidly and Quattro AWD adds enormous amounts of grip and stability in the corners.

By all counts Audi has created a true rival to BMW's 335i and Mercedes-Benz's C350 sport sedan. The Audi S4 is not only faster from point to point but it is extremely uunderstated which is pure Audi design tradition.

This is a worthy upgrade over Audi's regular A4 sedan and it is only fitting that the S4 is dynamically even better than its regular bretheren.

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