Just like Mr. Blackwell's 'Worst dressed list' the Spies compile their version of the duds out there in the automotive marketplace.

The cars do not necessarily have to be BAD from a mechanical standpoint although some are.

We judge these infamous losers by a number of, market acceptance, concept and street vibe.

It is REALLY, REALLY hard to make this list.

But it is not a list, you want to be on!

And this year's winners (i mean loser's) are...ranked from worst to awful

10. Buick Lucerne-Kissing your sister is a 'sizzling' experience compared to this exercise in boredom.
9. Jeep Cherokee- After seeing all those gorgeous groundbreaking concepts at the auto shows teasing us with their design expertise, HOW could they have decided on this, as the final design? The front end could be one of the worst in the business! Bring on the Nitro and BLOW this thing up!
8. Ford Five Hundred- Yuck! Let’s hope it only lasts 500 days on the market!
7. Mitsubishi Galant- The WORST car I’ve ever test driven…more flex than Suzanne Sommer's thigh-master
6. Chevy Impala- Back to the drawing board for the hundredth time! Could it have LESS personality? What an insult to previous proud Impala designs.
5. Cadillac XLR- Or should we call it the Allante II? This thing is deadsville in the marketplace. Looks like a door stop with dual nightlights on it!
4. Acura RL- Feels like the whole car's drive system has been shot with Novocaine. The most over priced car on the mainstream market.
3. Honda Ridgeline- With national leases already at $199 per month, this thing (maybe they should have called it, the Honda THING) is sinking fast! Thank GOD!
2. Hummer H3- The Hummer thing is just SOOOOO over. And we predict there is no comeback in sight. Even Steve Jobs couldn’t figure out how to bring this brand back! Sorry Liz...
1. Jeep Commander- Whatever over paid slacker at DCX green lighted this piece of trash, should be removed from his or her command! The only thing missing is the ‘Body designed by YUGO’ on the side panel.

Do you agree with us?

What would be on your list?

Can't wait to see the comments in our blogs below!

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