As I paged through the new issue of Car & Driver at the supermarket (yes, I am a PAID subscriber but it's on the news stand 5 days before I get it in my mailbox...Eddie, what's the deal?), I couldn't help but think the PR team over at Infiniti was rolled up in the corner in a ball after seeing this.

The LOWLY 328 SMACKS the best thing they got, the G37 in the latest C&D comparo.

Yes, you read it right.

NOT the 335. The 328!


Quote: " If Moses had brought from the big guy himself, chiseled into stone. the chart for rating cars, maybe we'd have a different conclusion here. But he didn't So we calls'em as we sees'em. Yeah, this is subjective, but we think BMW has a special way with sports sedans."

Guess we won't be seeing Infiniti ads in the next few issues!

And in case you're wondering about who came in 3rd and 4th...

1. BMW 328i
2. Infiniti G37 Sport
3. Audi A4 2.0T
4. Acura TL SH-AWD

And the BMW also won the real world MPG crown at 25MPG vs. 19MPG for the Infiniti.

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LOL: Measly BMW 328 Stripper Beats Infiniti G37 Sport In C&D Comparo-That CAN'T Be Good For Infiniti!

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