Yesterday, our article about the Infiniti G37 getting beat by a lowly BMW 328 Strippie in C&D's latest issue fielded a ton of comments and emails.

If you haven't seen the article, this is how the cars were ranked in their comparison.

1. BMW 328i
2. Infiniti G37 Sport
3. Audi A4 2.0T
4. Acura TL SH-AWD

And the BMW also won the real world MPG crown at 25MPG vs. 19MPG for the Infiniti.

Interestingly enough, the Mercedes C-Class was missing and so was the Cadillac CTS from this competition.

So it got me thinking, how would OUR readers have ranked these cars and where would the C and the CTS end up if the faithful, posted their rankings?

So let's have at it...

If YOU were ranking these cars, how would YOUR list come out?

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C&D Picked The BMW 328i Over The Infiniti G37 Sport. But WHO Would Win If YOU Had To Rank Them?

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