Lexus IS Has Secret Cheat Code

This makes sense when you think about it. Cars have computers and computers have always had hidden Easter eggs and cheat codes, so it was inevitable that someone would find a cheat code hidden inside a car. Case in point: here’s way to disable the traction/skid control systems called VDIM on the Lexus IS:

***“start the car with the parking brake on ….then foot brake twice….(keep the foot brake down)….then parking brake twice (keep it down )and repeat till skid light is on the dash… will reset when you restart the car”

Source: via VW Vortex forum post

Here's an update from one of the forum members over at

I just got back from an attempt to confirm it and I think I was successful. Here is what I did:

1. (VDIM ON) As stated above, I set the parking brake and started the car. Pumped the brakes twice, set and reset the parking brake twice. I pumped the brakes twice more and the TRAC-OFF light came on the dash.

2. (VDIM OFF) From a stop, I turned right. I started slow but went to full throttle before I was fully into the turn. The RPMs went way up when it shifted to second and I felt I could hear the rear wheels losing traction, but it was not a "squeel".

3. (VDIM OFF) I found an emtpy parking lot. Stopped the car and turned the wheel all the way left. Went right to full throttle. The back end slid out and I did doughnuts. The wheels didnt "squeel", but the RPMs where up and the rear-end had 0 traction.

4. (VDIM ON/TRAC-OFF) Shut down the car to reset. Set TRAC-OFF. Did the same as #3. The back end never lost traction but there was a LOT of "squeel".

5. (VDIM OFF) From a red light, I made a left turn. I immediately went to full throttle and completely lost the rear end and had to counter steer. Some "squeeling".

6. (VDIM ON/TRAC-OFF) I did the same as #5 at the same light. The rear end started to slip. I Heard 4 beeps in quick succession and the rear end got traction and was back on track.

I didnt bother doing VDIM-ON/TRAC-ON as I think #5 and #6 prove it.

The key here are the 4 beeps. Using this method to disable VDIM will let you completely lose the rear-end and smoke the tires. You'll NEVER hear the beeps.

***not a recommendation by for safety reasons

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