Mazda is reportedly keeping a little RWD open sports car concept under wraps. However, as soon as the economic climate in Japan normalizes, we should finally get to see the spiritual successor to Suzuki’s Cappuccino.

This rear wheel drive open sports car is said to fill the slot under the current NCEC Roadster (a.k.a. MX-5/ or Miata). Mazda hopes to emulate the success of the EA11R Suzuki Cappuccino by offering excellent handling and performance in a segment usually occupied by front wheel drive cars. The engine could either be a 1.0 or 1.3L unit making the mini Roadster one size up from Japan’s kei car category (with capacity under 660cc) and could carve a new niche of sub-2.0L rear wheel drive cars in Japan.

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Mazda Mini Roadster in the works

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