We took a lot of heat for not jumping on the bandwagon immediately, when the new admin sang its praises.

But we knew Cash For Clunkers would be a disaster from the get go and a COLOSSAL waste of our tax dollars.

And now the most damning evidence is upon us, regarding the damage it will continue to have at LEAST until the end of the year.

Experts are now predicting that September sales will not only be bad, but the worst in history.


Give away FREE Lobster dinners and the restaurant is full then as soon as you stop, the place is empty.

Our Car Czar and his brilliant advisor's did the classic rob Peter to pay Paul.

What did they expect?

That people would want to pay $4500 more than they had to in September for a car or truck?

Face the facts here.

People aren't going to buy ANYTHING expensive for quite a while, UNLESS it's an offer they can't refuse.

No more $4500 gov't subsidy?

Then everyone will wait till the next one comes.

But the problem is we can't afford to do it any longer.

Want more good news?

The auto sites like Edmunds are now saying business isn't coming back anytime soon.

No sales, no new jobs, no recovery.

Our President and his team is now in a VERY precarious predicament.

What would YOU do if this situation fell into YOUR lap and you were advising him.

HOW does he dig his way out of this?

The American public is a VERY impatient bunch.

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Hate To Say We Told You Cash 4 Clunkers Was A Bust BUT...

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