According to Carscoop and Michael Banovsky, there is an ultra rare, sex machine up for sale. The car? The Toyota 2000GT.

With only 351 examples being made, it is rarer than most Ferraris and Lamborghinis out there, plus it is just as good looking to boot. Lovingly considered the father of the Japanese supercar, it is rich with heritage and groundbreaking for its time.

Carscoop reports:

"This particular 2000GT is 1970 model that underwent a painstaking and detailed restoration that is said to have lasted six years. The dealer said that the 2000GT had clocked 90,000 KM (about 56,000 miles) before the restoration started in 2003. No word on pricing but you know the saying..."

So, keeping that in mind, would you rather take this or the all-new 2011 Lexus LF-A. Theoretically speaking, the LF-A is a more powerful, updated version of the 2000GT.

Not sure? Listen to this clip of the 2000GT getting some action:

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