So, what happens when you are stuck in Sweden, with a couple of mules, doing some winter testing and a car gets stuck off-road? You use a properly modified S-class AMG, apparently.

Recently while doing some testing, MB engineers tried to use the next-gen ML but failed. This led on to a little bit of a problem, as the following depicts.

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SpeedLux reports:

"Mercedes is cold weather testing their future models in northern Sweden. Conditions are very extreme – cold temperatures and tons of snow. This week Mercedes got into a little trouble with the S-Class Coupe AMG facelift, which ended up in deep snow just few feet from the road.

How to pull it out?
You could call a tow truck or ask local farmer for help, or you can continue the testing and call the next-generation ML prototype to the scene. Not the smartest idea as there were plenty of people soon at the spot and engineers had to cover the prototype to hide as much of it as possible.

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FAIL: Mercedes-Benz's ML Mule Does Not Pull Through In The Clutch Moment

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