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Another battle has begun in the Ford / GM war: who's got the better new police car, Ford with its Taurus Police Interceptor or GM with its Chevrolet Caprice PPV? One thing sure to be a hot topic is both companies' shift in platform choices.

GM is ditching the front-wheel-drive Impala option and going back to a big, rear-wheel drive vehicle with the Zeta-based Caprice.

As our Aussie friends know, the Caprice is a re-grilled Holden Caprice / Statesman which in turn is a more luxurious, long wheelbase version of the Holden Commodore / Pontiac G8.

Ford, on the other hand, is doing the exact opposite; they're tossing the big, rear-wheel-drive (and geriatric) Panther platform and offering up front- and all-wheel drive Tauruses.

With the option of an E85 6.0 liter V8 producing 355 horsepower and 384 lb-ft of torque, the RWD Caprice PPV is the old-schooler of the pair. It's pushrod and proud of it. The Caprice is the answer to the question, "What if Chevy kept building the Caprice instead of butchering the Impala nameplate in 2000....

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Which Police Cruiser Do You Want To Be Taken Away In? Ford Taurus Police Interceptor Vs. Chevrolet Caprice

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